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February 03, 2008


Gideon - thanks for compiling this list. It's nice to see women get acknowledged in film too. Here are two of my favorites films about Mormon women:

Feed My Lambs, a short film based on the 1989 conference talk The Summer of the Lambs by Jayne B. Malan and distributed in the Young Women's Leadership Training video.

Wives and Daughters of the First Presidency, which is a series of taped interviews on their lives.

There's the filmed version of the one-woman musical, "Polly", with Johanne Frechette Perry. It focuses on the life of a pioneer woman.

Although I don't think it is ABOUT women, the recently released straight to DVD "Singles Second Ward" had a strong actress, Erin Chambers, playing a more central female character than previous Halestorm films (taking up the narrating role that Will Swenson did in the first). However, the focus is still divided between her, Kirby Heybourne's character and her parents (I actually thought she was more interesting than Heybourne and wanted to see even MORE of her). The split focus weakened the narrative somewhat, but I thought it was a nice step in the right direction. Chambers was the strongest presence throughout the whole film, outshining everyone. Kind of reminded me of Bryce Dallas Howard's strong screen presence.

Although the film kind of charmed me, I must mention that the film had many of the cultural flaws of its predecessors. Although I think Erin Chambers alone was enough to make the film for me.


Thank you for the inclusion of "Polly, a One-Woman Musical" in your list. Would you mind making the correction of removing the name of Janice Kapp Perry from this and from the link included in the mention?

She has written many wonderful things, but she was not a writer on this project.

I am the writer and composer, and my wife, Johanne Fréchette Perry is the featured actress.


Steven Kapp Perry

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