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June 17, 2009


This is a smart analysis of the Jer3miah series.

I wonder what your impressions are of how technology is used in the Jer3miah narrative? While for the most part it is the bad guys that use smart phones, bluetooths, satellite imagining, and high-tech computers to advance their evil, there is a moment in episode 4 where Jeremiah gets a text message to his cell phone that is a message from God (or at least a message that God wants Jer3miah to hear)telling him he needs to essentially work to become trustworthy again to get the box back. I can't think of any other LDS examples of God communicating to man through text messaging. If there are some it is probably done in gist, but Jer3miah does it in all seriousness.

Also, Jeremiah is often instructed and inspired to keep a record of his personal history, much like the people in the Book of Mormon, only with Jeremiah it is with a modern digital video camcorder.

I bring this up because you are the first person I have seen that has really touched on Jer3miah's obvious and important ties to technology both in distribution and content and I was wondering what your extended thoughts on it were.

Fantastic post! Your observations are really insightful. It's great to hear that the thematic/doctrinal underpinnings are coming across.

My favorite sentiment from the post:

Following God is displayed as a dangerous prospect in Jer3miah; not because religion is a fraud, but precisely because it isn't.

Very good analysis of the show. I've kept up with the Buzz surrounding Jer3miah, and it's refreshing to read an editorial that doesn't merely state what the show "tries to be," but actually gives an insightful, and--from what I can tell--accurate explanation of what the show actually does.

The show is definitely experimental, as you observed, not only in the way it delivers a Mormon Story, but the means by which it delivers the story, through a website, as well as with a parallel Alternate Reality Game that adds depth to the characters; and to the mystery.

It's truly an innovative endeavor, and though not all of it's reviews are positive, one must, at least, acknowledge all that it has accomplished. It's been a tremendous effort, not only by Jeff Parkin, but the other faculty and students that worked so diligently to pull off the production demands of a weekly web-based show.

Five Stars.

Yes - great post! This is a great series and an incredible endeavor. I enjoyed the way you paralleled the series with the reality of living Church doctrine. I also loved the idea of following promptings and working our way through life as being an adventure. Jeff, Jared, and everyone have helped tell a great story with a Mormon essence. It's been a treat to see everything unfold.

Thanks for this review, it is awesome...very well explained and thought out.

Do you know where I could find a transcript or recording of Park's Feb. address?

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